Dance In Indian Culture

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Indian culture has one of the most diverse and compelling traditions compared to other religions. In the past, dance and music plays an important aspect in the indian culture. Due to the fact that forms of entertainment was scarce, dance and music seeped into their lives. Dance is a way of expressing oneself when dancing, an art form that consists of sequences which incorporates into a movement series. Dance is not only a form of communication but the opportunities for connections. In the words of Mrs Bhaskar,’ if not for dance, I will not be able to have connections with others; accommodation with friends, or perhaps even a date.’

In the indian culture in the past, although they value dance as a form of entertainment, they believed that dancing will neither earn them a living or have a great future. Dancers in India is discriminated due to the fact that it was performed only for the emperor and was favoured by them. Thus, dance was seen as a smut. Just like in other societies, males were favoured more than females as they were deemed to be stronger. Socio-cultural taboos remained crucial in impeding the emigration of indian women. Prostitute The dance was initially performed by femalesonly but now, males can take the role as well,reason being it is better excuted by them. As the dance can be very techniqual at time it becomes difficult of the women to balance both perfection and time measurements. Due to the males’ body structure, they can better translate swifter
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