Dance In The 1920s

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The 1920s was an era that started many recording industries, new technologies, record labels and a dance revolution. Jazz and Blues became very popular during this time. Not only did music boom in the twenties but new dances such as the Turkey Trot, Shimmy and the Charleston became well known around the world. During this era music and dance evolved and become more and more popular over time, the twenties was a rapid growth period for the both of them. Jazz became so big in the 1920s that author F. Scott Fitzgerald started calling it the “Jazz Age.” Jazz began in the black communities of New Orleans, Louisiana and it spread to Chicago, Illinois, New York City, New York and Las Angeles, California. Many blacks moved to these areas to find work in the music industry. In the southern cities African American Jazz bands played in clubs for Whites only. As Jazz began to get popular around the entire country so did another genre of music called Blues. You can…show more content…
The Charleston includes fast paced movement of the legs and big arm movements. This dance was brand new to the world in the 1920s. Younger people enjoyed this dance because it was different from the old and slow dances. They made this dance the dance craze of the decade and it spread around the country very fast and even the older people started to do the dance. As you can see, the 1920s music and dance has put a great impact on our world today. Most artists and dancers gained their inspiration from this specific time period. They were influenced by the many dance crazes and different genres of music from the twenties. Even today we still have famous Jazz and Blues clubs all over the country. Today technology has continued to grow and record labels have soared. The 1920s music and dance will probably live forever and continue to grow and progress over
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