Dance Moms In The Hunger Games

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Is entertainment really worth it? The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins makes the readers question this several times throughout the book. This book is very similar in that way with the reality tv show Dance Moms. Dance Moms and The Hunger Games, take entertainment to an extreme. Both make the viewers question if it is all worth it. In The Hunger Games, they put twenty-four people into an arena and make them fight to the death. They use the people of the districts lives as entertainment for the people of Panem. In Dance Moms, they have children dance and compete using it for entertainment. In the end of both of these forms of entertainment, there can only be one winner. Although, in The Hunger Games, all of the rest of the competitors die, but in Dance Moms, the other competitors just lose and get yelled at by their dance teacher. People should not have to…show more content…
In The Hunger Games, they interview them individually before the games in front of a crowd. In Dance Moms the dancers are put in front of a camera, by themselves, and tell about what is happening on the show. While on Dance Moms what they say is not really important, compared to what they say on the interview in The Hunger Games. In The Hunger Games, if they do not win the crowd over by what they say, they will not receive sponsors, which could save their lives. In The Hunger Games, the mentors give each tribute an angle to take to hook the crowd in and love them, but on Dance Moms, the children say exactly what they think and whatever they want. There are many similarities in both The Hunger Games and Dance Moms. There are also many differences. For example, there are three winners in the end on Dance Moms, but only one is allowed in The Hunger Games. The winners of Dance Moms will receive flowers, gifts, and a trophy. In The Hunger Games, they get to go home to their families and live in a new house in Victor’s

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