Dance Of Deception Analysis

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Can you keep a secret? This timeless, and deceptive, question is used to gauge the trustworthiness of a person. Depending on the response, one knows if they have found someone they can trust. The ability to confide in someone, and to be confided in, can be overlooked, but is essential to successful mediations and relationships. Maintaining confidentiality is an ethical code to live by. Recently, I was in a situation where confidence was broken and the damage was irreparable. I am a part of a council that heads a women’s society; the society divided into three categories – Activities, Teaching, and General Leadership. Each category is ran by one of the council members, who oversees the committee, and works with the committee leader. As…show more content…
However, maintaining the parties confidentiality builds trust in the mediator. Once that confidence is broken, the trust is destroyed. If confidence was broken once, what is to stop it from being broken again? Dance of Deception explains, “who they are with us always has something to do with how we are with them.”(P. 135) This sentence describes how we are treated and other treats us. If a mediator is keeping the confidentiality of the facilitation, they are showing they are trustworthy. Therefore, they will be treated with trust from the parties. When parties have trust, communication and understanding is improved (Negotiation Alchemy, Erbe, p.38.) All of these things help make mediations successful. Holding these Truths writes that ombudsman should be guided by the principle of confidentiality. It goes on to imply that all third party neutrals should live by the principle too (p. 49). This is powerful because it shows that confidentiality is rooted in the very essence of what it means to be an objective third-party. When one can live by this principle, and help enforce it as a ground rule, they are able to establish party safety through an open, communicative atmosphere. Mediators who do not keep confidentiality lack this. Therefore, confidentiality is a vital ethical principle to live
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