Dance Movement Psychotherapy

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Art therapy is known to be creative in nature and include therapies such as music ,dance,art ,drama and poetry .Creative work brings uniqueness and innovation along with it ,this creative process gives rise to the relationship between therapist and client and the creative process of finding options of behavior . This term paper demonstrates clearly how creativity contributes to health and how the journey is often a joyful one. As well as about the deep thought gone through dance movement psychotherapy and the history behind it .India is little behind in giving rise to dance movement therapy as compare to other international countries but the great thing about India is that its developing new styles and coping strategies with time .
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Earlier dance was consider as a healing ritual in the influence of fertility ,birth ,sickness, and death ,since way back . Belly dance was consider as traditional birthing practice to help ease the pains of childbirth and along with this it was also consider as religious dance form which helps in relaxing muscles and distressing individual’s from daily hassles but now the introduction of dance as a therapy as well as a profession began in 1950s.
From 1840 to 1930 period ,a new definition and introduction of dance developed in Europe and United States that dance movements have an effect on the mover i.e. dance was not simply an expressive art but beyond it . This was further explained by professionals that dance has a effect on the one who is doing that act as well as the one who is following it . Therefore ,dance is consider to be the dual work therapy.
Dance was considered to be a method of expression and exploring emotions for centuries but the introduction of dance as a therapy is a new concept . This new concept was introduced from last half decade only . The development of DMT is divided into two parts or two waves throughout history
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DMT is based on certain theoretical principles, that Body and mind interacts to bring a change in movement that affects total functioning which reflects personality and focuses on therapeutic relationship mediated partly non-verbally, such as therapist's imitating the client’s movement, that particular movement has a symbolic function that can reveal unconscious processes and movement improvisation allows the client to experiment with new ways of being .Through non verbal meditation DMT can permit the recapitulation of early object relationships.DMT provides a sense of wholeness to all individual through the unity of body ,mind and spirit . Dance therapy helps an individual to improve his/her social skills, relational dynamics among the clients, daily stress, family conflicts and much more. This aims to gain deeper sense of self- awareness and self- realization through a process that involve movements ,motion and awareness of one’s body. Dance therapy is different from other rehabilitative treatments because it is creative ,involves expression and is more holistic in nature ,as well as works with body, mind ,and spirit at the same
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