Dance Vs Cheerleading Essay

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Cheerleading is more than an attitude sport or flirts in skirt. Cheerleading is better than dance for multiple reasons. Cheerleaders have to memorize dance routines, put up other girls in a stunt, and communicate without talking. People argue that cheer isn’t hard or that it 's not a sport. Some would even say that dance is harder and more of a sport then cheer but if you think about it cheerleaders have to have trust in each other, be loud, positive and encouraging. They also have to have tumbling skills, tight motions, kicks, jumps and much more. “As a cheerleader or dancer, the word “leadership” takes on a whole new meaning. On the sidelines, in the classroom and in the community, leadership is a vital component of your role. As an athlete in the public eye, you must represent your school to the best of your ability. In the words of Dr. Jamie Williams, “Leadership is like gravity. You know it’s there, you know it exists, but how do you define it?” How you define yourself, especially in the role as a leader, is not something to…show more content…
Being one of the most dangerous sports isn 't why cheerleading is better it 's better because it shows how much you have to be bonded as a team and how much trust you have to have in one another. Look at football it 's a dangerous sport but players do it because they love the game, not because it 's dangerous. Just because a sports dangerous doesn’t make it better but it makes it harder, it take more energy, and you have to be
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