Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper: Art Analysis

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Dancer Adjusting her Slipper is a charcoal and pastel drawing that depicts a dancer rearranging her shoe. The way the woman sits portrays a sense of adolescence, unladylike with her legs spread apart. The brown coloring of the lines surrounding the dancer makes one feel that she is getting ready to rehearse or perform a recital. With her head down and adjusting her shoe, one might also think she is deep in thought or mediating about what she will be doing next or depressed over a mistake she made while rehearsing. Several elements of Dancer Adjusting her Slipper are very appealing, such as its simplicity, its variety, and its beauty. First, one element that makes this picture, Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper, appealing is its simplicity. One might think the way she is sitting indicates that she is young in age. Sitting with her…show more content…
Simple colors and just using pastels and charcoal shows that the artist put a lot of thought into this image. Using pastels, the artist wanted to bring the picture to life, and using charcoal makes it seem the artist wanted to suggest a mix emotions about why she is sitting down. Blending the soft, light colors of blue, white, brown, etc. gives an airy sense of childlike appearance. Some of the lines on the young dancer’s dress makes one believe the artist wanted the picture to be for young dancers like the one shown. In conclusion, the drawing Dancer Adjusting Her Shoe, gives a appealing sense of simplicity, variety, and beauty. One can imagine the artist wanted to give a sense of adolescence, intended more for young adults. The artist is skilled in providing mix emotiona about why the dancer wished to sit down. Is it to wait for a performance or to think about a mistake she made? The colors used in this work of art show a sense of youth. The painting itself shows that the artist put a lot of thought into it, and it is amazing
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