Shoshone And Bannock Dance Essay

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The Shoshone-Bannock Indians keep there culture and religion alive in this modern world through dance. They have different dances for different occasions. Some deal with more religious and sacred dealings, but some are open for the public and still relate closely to there culture. The Shoshone-Bannock Indians perform, and compete all over to keep there heritage and inform and influence the other cultures around them. Some of the more public dances that they perform at pow wows and other events are Jingle, Grass, and Fancy. These three dances express the Shoshone-Bannock culture, make connections with other cultures and entertain audiences.
The Shoshone and Bannock were originally a group that were spread across land covering places in Canada
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This dance was made specifically to connect culture, and to retain the Native American culture. “As colonization became an increasingly critical aspect of Shoshone and Bannock life, ceremony responded to colonization and was transformed.” (Beaulieu 156) In the 1920’s all Native American dance was outlawed, so they took their dances underground. Two young boys created this dance so that they would be able to perform in public. Today this is one of the most popular Shoshone-Bannock dances. It is very entertaining and draws lots of attention at all events. Mostly young men perform the Fancy dance. It consists of fast, intense footwork. This dance is usually low to the ground to create contrast. The dancers are very in timing with the drums. The dance is more intense when the music builds and less when the music is softer. The dancers perform jumps, spins, and other acrobatic movements to entertain the audience. The men usually where a headdress of some sort with either animal fur or feathers, and a bustle with both animal fur and feathers. They also where beaded headbands, brackets, necklaces and other accessories. They are usually fully dressed with beaded elaborate shirts and pants that may consist of ribbons or animal fur. The dancers also carry a coup stick of some sort to dance with. The men may also paint their faces and bodies to match the elaborate

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