Dances With Wolves Archetypes

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“Dances With Wolves” directed by Kevin Costner was released worldwide on November 21st, 1990 and won great praise for its story and characterization by critics. the movie was latter known as one of the best portrayal of Indian tribes and their perilous lives during the era of Civil War and development of the American Nation. The movie won majority of their accolades for their use of unique literary devices. Their execution of foster’s Archetypes were incorporated into the movie to signify the protagonists(John Dunbar) growth thru the film. The director/screenplay of the film connotes this idea by showcasing his quest for identity and his loyalty towards the Sioux. To negotiate with with his badly wounded leg, Dunbar attempts to make a suicide attempt to surrender his life. What this reveals is the plots conflict of the hero’s quest…show more content…
Given he is a white man, his words will be hard to grasp for the Indians. Therefore, Dunbar’s loyalty is another aspect that gets portrayed in the challenges of Dunbar’s growth. Although Dunbar is a tranquil person, he feels the resistance to tell “Kicking Bird” the truth behind his arrival at the fort and the future of the frontier, his loyalty to the U.S army is greater compared to same loyalty to the tribe. It is after he has fallen in love with “Standing with a fist” Dunbar leaves his past and expresses his identity as “Dances With Wolves” and a member of the tribe. The guilt of his is unclear answers enlightens him, leading him to tell “Kicking Bird” about the white people. Not only does this highlight his loyalty but also his betrayal to his people(the white people). These shows growth in him not only because he has come to make a clear decision but because he has shown a sense of pride and responsibility towards the tribe after marrying his wife “Standing With a
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