Dances With Wolves Character Analysis

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The character I like best in this movie, Dances With Wolves, is John Dunbar. The three characteristics that made me like and respect him is that he is never gives up, is kind-hearted, and is willing to understand or understandable. This film shows a lot of characteristics to all the characters in this movie but never giving up is what I saw in John Dunbar at first hand. John Dunbar never gave up during the movie through lots of obstacles. He is a lieutenant in the beginning of the movie and sacrifice his foot the war or battle that was going on. But he did not lost his foot because he went across the field to the enemies side to get himself killed because of his foot and other personal things. But he make them distracted for his friends to come over to kill the enemy. With that he was proannounce a hero and got his foot fixed. After that he wanted to go to in the front lines in the frontier. He never gave up on waiting for his group to come and get him. He also never gave up on wanting to talk to the wolf and to the sioux people. John Dunbar showed that he never gives up on anything and with that he shows that he is kind-hearted. John…show more content…
John at the beginning of the movie was brave and never give up even after getting shot in the foot and almost dieing. They showed that John was kind-hearted by showing the relationship between him and Two socks throughout the movie. They also showed that he was able to understand the sioux people after several attempts in order to succeed. They put other characters in the movie they helped him. Kicking Bird, Stands With a Fist, and Wind in His Hair all gave time and effort to John Dunbar and connect to him very well. The filmakers did a good job with this movie and now I understand why the movie in called Dances With Wolves because John danced with Two socks and the sioux gave him the name Dances With
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