Dances With Wolves

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When the movie begins, it’s the Civil War and a soldier seems injured. John Dunbar, also known as Dances with Wolves by the Indians, prepares to set out on a journey. He finds a hut and makes it his. Along with that, he has a journal he writes in everyday. The film is directed, produced and the main actor is played by Kevin Costner. The entire film is centered around John and the Indians, and their relationship with each other. John, along with the Indians, have to travel far and wide through the plains, sometimes making it hard for John to get places. The way they do this is by horseback; to play on that, not only horses, but animals are a big part of this movie as well. Towards the beginning of the movie, Dunbar founds a place he called his own. This place happens to be a fort that he found while traveling along the plains. What was once a soldier fort is now the place that John calls home. He starts off by cleaning it, even the outside. While all this is happening, he has a journal that he writes in everyday, explaining what goes on. The fort shows that he is waiting for the other soldiers, like him. Making sure it’s ready for when they come. The Indians end up finding the fort, due to that fact that Dunbar sets a fire that they can see when they are out and about. Towards the end of the movie, the fort…show more content…
In this movie, they show buffalo, a fox and horses. They all help John and the Indians, except for maybe Two Socks, the wolf. For the Indians, they use the whole Buffalo. The hid, the skin, the bones, the hooves and the meat. The difference between the whites and the Indians in this is that the whites don 't use all of the buffalo, they only use parts and leave the rest to rot. The horses are transportation, that’s it, but they are very helpful animals for both groups of people. The other animal in the movie is a wolf named Two Socks. He wasn’t very helpful, but more of a friend to John before the Indians
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