Dancing At The Louise Lightfoot Character Analysis

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everything around it. And it goes on with the character she is famous for Cassie Louise Lightfoot. She uses the character Cassie a lot in her quilts and children’s books; in addition, the character is a persona of the artist herself. The book and quilt is about Cassie about having the freedom to go wherever she wants to go and be whoever she wants to be for the rest of her life. The girl arrives at a destination where Black and female subjectivity is expressed with different alternatives in reason, form, and language. You get to really see and understand that through Ringgold’s experiences in her childhood, she expresses part of it through her works. She uses her imagination to tell stories that help educate others about African-American and American culture. So a lot of her works are very personal and political. Referring back to Afrofemcentrism, the characteristic within this quilt that describes that is Cassie’s character as a subject rather than an object. The character is active and flies across the sky rather than being passive.…show more content…
The quilt tells a fictional story of the past histories of modernism, African-American culture, and an autobiography of the artist’s experiences. Ringgold struggled to be recognized in the past where the art world was dominated by social norm traditions and male artists. Her narrative quilt discusses the race and gender biases during the 1980s. Since Ringgold struggled to be an artist herself during the beginning years, she always recorded those realities throughout her quilts. And characteristics are
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