Danger Of E-Cigarettes Research Paper

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rehabcenter.net - The Unknown Dangers of Vaping/E-Cigs and How it Effects Your Health E-cigarettes are very rapidly becoming major business in the smoking cessation world. They are very simple in their design. They are basically a tube that holds a battery, a heating element, and a container of liquid nicotine. When a user inhales on the end, they ignite the heating unit, which warms the liquid nicotine into steam that can then be inhaled into the lungs. While some e-cigarettes are disposable after one use, higher end models can be used multiple times. All that needs to be done is replaced the battery when it dies and install a new nicotine container. Flavored nicotine can also be added to give the steam a nicer flavor. This helps eliminate …show more content…

However, many experts now suggest that the 60 milligram dosage is much too low. That doesn 't change the fact that smoking and using an e-cigarette at the same time will double your intake of nicotine and cause the problems mentioned above. The problem here is that too few people really understand this danger, as e-cigarettes are advertised as “totally safe.” Explosions Have Already Happened Here 's an e-cigarette danger that isn 't getting the attention it deserves: their propensity for exploding. That 's right, e-cigarettes have actually exploded and seriously injured people. How and why does this happen? Remember that e-cigarettes include a heating unit to create nicotine steam. As that unit heats, it may suffer damage that can cause the unit to overheat. However, it can also cause damage to the battery unit that will cause it to explode and spread hot metal and battery acid when it does. Unfortunately e-cigarettes usually explode while being used and when right in somebody 's face. Two different cases in Colorado Springs illustrate this strange danger. One of the men was using his e-cigarette when it exploded, causing a broken neck, severe burns and fractures, and shattered teeth. He may never work again. The other case caused burns so bad that skin grafts were

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