Danger Of Hypocrisy In Moliere's Tartuffe

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When Moliere wrote the play Tartuffe, he was clearly focused on religious themes. However it may seem, it is important to understand that Moliere’s work means to unmask the dangers of hypocrisy, not to ridicule religion itself. In the play Tartuffe, the man of a well to do family, named Orgon, is deceived by a self -proclaimed “holy man.” So much so that he neglects his entire family and ignores one major and perhaps obvious fact: that Tartuffe, whom the play is named after, is a complete fraud. Tartuffe represents everything wrong with religion and turns out to be a terrible influence on Orgon.For example, when Orgon returned home, he did not care that his wife ad been ill, instead he continually asked about Tartuffe. Orgon was unconcerned
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