Danger Of Speeding Research Paper

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Dangers of Speeding When a person drives over the speed limit, it causes a greater chance for accidents than if they did not speed. Speeding is a major factor in a majority of all the wrecks that are fatal. Speeding above the speed limit is very dangerous. Speeding reduces the ability of a vehicle to stop in a time it would be able to if one had not been speeding. Taking more time to stop increases the chance of an accident, as well as the impact of the crash if an accident happens. Although drivers have been worn of the different dangers of speeding, they still speed over the speed limit. A major factor in accidents on the roads is speeding. Speeding causes a number of fatal accidents that occur on the roads. Speeding is a issue to the highways and the local roads as well. Many drivers take the local roads to escape traffic, which causes many accidents. The local streets’ accidents contribute to more than half of all the vehicle accidents.…show more content…
When driver speeds, the less amount of time they have to react in a situation. When a driver speeds, the time the vehicle takes to stop is drastically increased. This proves that the faster the speed a driver is driving, the chances of causing an accident increase. If an animal, person, or object appears in the road, they have an increased chance of crashing into it. Speeding causes an increase in the amount of accidents in the highways and the local roads. Speeding causes more fatal accidents and increases the chances of deaths and injury incase of a wreck. The impact from speeding is way worse than to when a vehicle is moving at a lesser speed. When a vehicle is speeding, the stopping time is increased. If anything appears on the road, the amount of speed the vehicle crashes into an object is high, which leads to a crash being more fatal. The slower the speed a vehicle is moving, the less likely the chances of injuries and deaths in case of an
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