Dangerous Dazzling Zoo Short Story

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Debbie the elephant lived in a gigantic zoo where the cries of a howler monkey could barely be heard from the other side. Debbie was short and stubby legged, and she often could not keep up with all the other cubs. Debbie also had floppy ears, which would always get in the way of her eyes when she tried to run. Moreover, she had a long trunk and a short cute tail. She had been brought to the “Dangerous,Dazzling Zoo” about a year ago. The zoo was located close to a big city, meaning it was always crowded. It was home to a variety of animals, from African elephants to Arctic foxes. The “Dangerous,Dazzling Zoo” was one of the biggest zoos in the world, and was expanding day by day. The zookeepers were kind and caring but no amount of food and…show more content…
The owl considered this for a second. ‘I can’t escape , but I shouldn’t stop someone else from escaping,” the owl thought sadly. “Sure I’ll do it,” announced the owl at last, “and I will make sure not to lose the sheet.” Soon, the owl was off; flying towards Helga’s cage. Debbie waited and waited for a response from the badger or news from the owl, her hope growing less and less. After almost a week, Debbie was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of her cage opening. It was Helga! “Hurry up, Debbie,” whispered the badger, “we don’t have much time!” Without hesitation, Debbie got up, rubbing her eyes, and followed Helga out. It took them a long time to find their way through the spiraling and confusing hallways of the zoo. The sun started rising by the time they found their way to the entrance. “How are we going to get past the guards?” asked Helga with a taste of disappointment in her voice. “We just run,” answered the thoughtful elephant, “we will catch them off-guard, so their reaction will be too

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