Dangerous Decisions In Chaim Potok's The Chosen

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Every life decision that we make reveals part of our character. If we decide to make corrupt decisions, then we most likely have an unethical personality. In the book The Chosen, Chaim Potok uses Danny Saunders to show that dangerous decisions reveal morbid personalities. The decisions he makes as a great baseball player and intelligent Jew, reflect his violent and rebellious personality. With this, his lonely side will also be discovered. Danny Saunders proves to be rebellious, lonely, and violent which are three dangerous traits he obtains. Children make decisions every day. Some of those choices may be with their parents requesting a chore from them or an act of kindness. By defying their parents’ wishes, they choose to rebel against their…show more content…
It will lead to hurt and suffering. Around the beginning of the novel, The Chosen, Danny is portrayed as a solitary young man. This becomes revealed when Reuven discusses with his father, his newborn relationship with Danny. Reuven’s dad describes Danny as being “terribly torn” and “lonely” (113). Danny’s description by others show that he can feel secluded at times. Undoubtedly, Danny is heading down a dangerous path. “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” ~ Issac Asimov. In addition to displaying loneliness, Danny also thinks violently. For instance, during the baseball game, both Reuven and Danny become competitive. In the game, Danny ends up injuring Reuven and sending him to the hospital. He explains to him how he “wanted to walk over to” Reuven “and open” his “head with” his “bat” (71). Danny Saunders shows violence by allowing himself to harbor negative thoughts towards Reuven. Danny’s solitary personality joins together with a cruel mind. Violence, rebellion, and loneliness obviously show to be dangerous. They can make a person insalubrious in the mind. They are hazardous and should not be strived for. Danny Saunders, a young teenage boy, attains all three of these characteristics. He is a youth who obtains dangerous traits. As a result, these three characteristics confirm Danny’s dangerous
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