Dangerous Or Safe? By Natterson: Summary

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In the book, “Dangerous or Safe?, Cara Natterson provides readers with information on the health aspects of foods, medicines, and chemicals. Within her book, Natterson divides the contents into three part. Part two, titled “Drinks”, has four different chapters. One of the chapters, chapter eight, focuses on caffeine, while chapter eleven mentions energy drinks. In chapter eight, caffeine, Natterson beings by defining what caffeine is and how popular it 's become. The natural stimulant, caffeine, is found in several plants such like the tea bush, the coffee plant, the cacao tree, and the kola tree. When a person consumes caffeine, it affects the neurons in their brain causing the feeling of energy and awakeness. This happens because the neurotransmitter, Adenosine, is meant to control and us down; but when it meets caffeine, caffeine…show more content…
The most popular energy drinks, Red Bull, contains three major ingredients; caffeine, glucuronolactone, and taurine. caffeine, glucuronolactone, and taurine. Caffeine is a stimulant. Glucuronolactone is a sugar that comes from glucose while taurine is a chemical naturally produced by the body. Nobody knows the exact function of taurine in energy drinks yet it is found in several popular energy drinks. The amount of caffeine found in Red Bull is as much as what two or three cups of coffee would have. Caffeine ss defines as a diuretic, leaving people more dehydrated than before consuming the beverage. Because of this, energy drinks have been accused of causing fatalities. Moreover, energy drinks are known to be extremely acidic, causing large amounts of erosion of tooth enamel. In conclusion, the ingredients in energy drinks can not be considered dangerous. Although reports have been made of seizures who have drank high volumes of energy drinks, there is no solid proof that it is because the

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