Dangers And Consequences Of The Internet Essay

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The Internet allows us to discuss things we are interested in, share our daily life and tell random people the jokes we like, but what happens if people do not like what your opinion is? What if your employer sees what you do in your free time or if they see the tasteless joke you posted three years ago? This is where the dangers and consequences of your online posts come in.
There are a multitude of consequences you can cause, for example, if you’re looking for a new job and your future employer looks you up on the Internet, he may see the picture of you sleeping drunk in a corner. You can also incite the collective wrath of the Internet by posting something they don’t like or deem offensive.
But it’s also important to note that your posts may not only affect you but also other people and vice versa so rather than your future employer finding
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Using your name you have to account for your real life as you might face consequences like losing your job. Furthermore, if you’re using your real name it’s easier for Internet users to find out your other personal data like, your phone number or address, which hits live streamers, in particular, because they tend to be the targets of swatting, which is the act of provoking an armed police response. While traditional celebrities are also victims of swatting live streamers are now the largest demographic of swatting targets, having the added effect of being able to see all of it live. Swatting quite obviously can be extremely dangerous to victims and police responders while also being a huge money drain.3
Another danger someone might face are Internet witch hunts. They’re just like the original just bigger, with thousands or tens of thousands of people participating. The sheer size of it lead some people to call it “witch-hunts on steroids”4, having tens of thousands of people screaming angrily and steering torrents of abuse at

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