Dangers Of Human Cloning

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Cloning: A New Danger For the past several decades, scientists have been developing the ability to clone many different types of animals, to the point that the possibility of cloning humans is now attainable. By definition, cloning is the asexual creation of an embryo (“Cloning”). In 1977 scientists announced that they had successfully cloned a sheep, the infamous Dolly (“Cloning”). Ever since that first breakthrough, cloning has been used for research in agricultural trade (“Cloning”). Cloning has also been tested on plants rather successfully (“Cloning”). However, there are many who feel that the cloning of humans is immoral: “Designing our descendants through the technological tyranny of eugenics, thus making possible a kind of evil that…show more content…
With human cloning scientists could make many advancements in the world of medicine. Patients dealing with organ failure could quickly and easily replace their organs with cloned human organs (“Human Cloning”). The method of cloning has also been used to make vaccines and hormones (“Pro-human”). “Cloning techniques have already led to the inexpensive production of the hormone insulin for treating diabetes and of growth hormones for children who do not produce enough hormones for normal growth” (“Pro-human” ). Scientists can also use clone antibodies to attack disease-causing cells. These are positive effects of cloning, but are they really worth it when there are so many other things that have to be…show more content…
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