Dangers Of Concussions In Professional Football

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Professional football presents dangers of concussions, needs to convey awareness regarding these dangers, and to bring the long term effects to light.

In the early 21st century, concussions in professional football had become a noticeable health problem and was labeled "The Concussion Crisis." Professional football concussions contributed too much of the epidemic problem and brings much of the awareness to the public. The concussion crisis exactly began over a century ago. The concussions were identified among football players during the first decades of the game. This crisis subsided and allowed the issue to grow rapidly, because football supporters redesigned the public’s acceptance of the risk. They appealed to the American values that allowed violence, attentions shifted to address more highly visible injuries, which legitimized football within a more ethically dependable institution. In the meantime, changing demands in the medical profession made specialists more reluctant to take a definitive stand. Using journals, newspapers, and letters from the coaches and the players, the history of the early concussions raised serious questions about resolutions, which are being collaborated on today (Harrison, 2014. p.1). …show more content…

There were some prominent reports that accused corporate interest groups of playing down the information about concussions of former profession football players, and others claim was that the public health groups were playing it up. Organization and player support groups equally supported epidemiological investigations of the link between concussion and a deteriorating brain condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and both have partnered with respected medical foundations to study the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of concussions (Harrison, 2014.

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