Dangers Of Fast Food

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In this era we are living in a fast food world, and the worst is that we have so many things that we have to do but there isn’t much time to fulfill it. The parents don’t have time to cook so they find it easier to bring fast food for their families and their children to eat, and there are many dangerous stuff and diseases resulting from eating fast food. Such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and so on. Fast food can be harmful and damage one’s body. These days people blame fast food restaurants for their obesity, while millions of people spend a drastic amount of money to lose their overweight, still fast food restaurants are serving junk food in the whole wide world.
These meals have a really large amount of calories and fats and also the number of restaurants is doubled each year, how could people lose their weight if wherever they go they find fast food restaurants and people are eating from them? As we all know, in the U.S., each year the prevalence of fast food restaurants is risen sharply and the age of children from 6 to 19 as overweight has rose from 5 percent to 17 percent and also the share of the adults that are overweight and obese rose from half to two thirds of the population which is a lot. The simple fact that each time fast food restaurants increase the number of obesity in the whole wide world is very dangerous to the human body and their life. Of course there are many reasons for obesity, but the main one from all these reasons is the fast food
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