Reflective Essay On Heroes

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society's beliefs, regulations, and restrictions. There are heroes for both men and women of all ages. Every society has their own heroes, whether they are heroes because of their wealth, political career, war triumphs, athletic achievements or social leads. Benjamin Disraeli once said: “To believe in the heroic makes heroes”. Any individual can turn into a hero by saving someone in danger, giving up his or her life so someone else could live. But heroes do not at all times show bravery, they can be heroes even if they are afraid as long as they do a heroic act. A hero illustrates courage when faced with a difficulty, someone who is capable of helping others in need. Somebody who gives hope and power to go on through life’s troubles. Heroes…show more content…
My heroes are no exclusion to this truth. Many years ago when I was younger, my heroes were more inclined to super heroes. If a hero didn’t wear a tight and a cape and was not able to fly he was not considered a hero for me. As I grew up and matured, my vison of a hero also matured at the same time. My views now turn out to be more complex and I can gage intangible matters, which does allows me to subordinate these values of what a hero is indeed. Anyone who possesses any of the above mentioned assets is a hero in my mind since they tend to look past the consequences and accomplish what they think their aim is. Before, my heroes contained of Batman, Hulk, Spiderman and Superman. What came across to my mind is that throughout my awareness a hero helps people, and this was what super heroes ever did. Well obviously, yes, this is what heroes do, he or she helps when in need, but what I could not understand was that they don’t need super powers to be heroes. I wasn’t able realize how somebody can help a soul spiritually, all I ever saw was the physical help similar to comics or cartoons that I read or watched. This wall was crossed over when I realized concepts such as integrity, loyalty and
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