Nature Of Medication Error

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Understanding the Nature and Danger of Medication Errors

Medications are one of the backbones of disease management. However, reported cases of medication errors have been growing in alarming numbers.

A study in the Philippines has shown a 97.8% prevalence rate of medication errors. A research conducted in the United Kingdom has shown that 38% of patients who are 75 years and older have been affected by prescribing and monitoring errors, while a Swedish study concludes a 42% medication error rate.

Patient care and treatment is a complex process that involves several members of the healthcare team who work together with the patient towards a common goal. Because of this, medication errors can happen in any of these steps in the treatment
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To ensure the best care, your doctors need to know the history of the medicines you have taken and the ones you are currently taking in order to prevent drug interactions. Jotting down your medicines in a journal or a medication log can save you the stress of trying to recall the name of these medicines. Remembering the dosage, intervals, and duration of multiple drugs can be really hard, especially for busy people.
Inquire. If there is something you don’t understand regarding your medication regimen and the doctor’s prescription (like in the case of illegible handwriting), never hesitate to ask. Remember that drugs are toxic to your kidneys and liver, regardless of their beneficial effects and taking the wrong drug (with wrong dosage, route, and form) is even worse.

Adherence to medication is not to be taken lightly. Improper and wrong medication intake can lead to dangerous drug interactions and adverse effects that may harm your liver and kidneys. As a patient, you need to have an adequate understanding of the importance of proper medication intake. Your role in patient care is under the compliance stage of the treatment process so proper monitoring of your drug intake is a responsibility you shouldn’t take for
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