Dangers Of Profanity In 'One Of Us Is Lying'

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Five students walk into detention, yet only four walk out alive. Author Karen M. McManus of One of us is Lying, takes readers through her mystery filled novel of a murder case. One Monday afternoon, five students attending Bayview High walk into detention together. Bronwyn, a goody two shoes who would never do anything to stop her from getting into Yale. Nate, the criminal, who is already on probation for selling drugs. Cooper, the star athlete who is making his way to baseball stardom. Addy, the beauty, who would do anything to keep her reputation and place as homecoming queen. And lastly, Simon. The owner of Bayview High’s gossip app. But before the end of detention, Simon is dead. Later that day, investigators come to the conclusion that his death was not an accident, but rather a murder. The town is quick to suspect the four students that had been present during Simon’s death. But with their high-profile…show more content…
A lot of profanity is used in this book so it’s not appropriate for all ages. But, it is a good book for teens. Some character developments are upsetting too because some characters go back and forth between their old self and their new self and they just end up in a bad position. It’s very upsetting to see this when you as a reader are expecting the character's to learn a lesson after so many tragic events. The last drawback to this book is the inappropriate scenes that you need to have a high level of maturity to understand. Some of the inappropriate scenes are very important to the character development and the overall all purpose of the book. As a reader, it is important to pay close attention to every detail so nothing is missed. And if these scenes make you feel uncomfortable, or you don’t take them seriously, you might just skip over some hidden
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