Persuasive Essay On Traffic In Schools

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The main purpose of school is to provide a safe learning environment for faculty and their charges. With students becoming older, more mature, and “too cool” for the school bus, they should have an alternative way to transport themselves to and from the facility. While the students are allowed to drive themselves to school, many of them do not have the option to park on campus due to the lack of parking permits. Ever since we were old enough to dream, students have fantasized about the day they could start driving to school to show their new sense of freedom. The School Board and Administration will say there are plenty of spaces, but the spots allocated for students are insufficient to the number of students requesting spots. To prove that…show more content…
The 15 mile an hour speed limit imposed on the section of Hollywood Drive causes traffic to slow to a turtle’s pace which not many people, if anyone, follows with any sense of caution. Imagine this: an innocent student hurriedly crosses the street just as an inexperienced driver speeds through the designated school zone and brutally mutilates the teenager upon impact. An ambulance is called, but they cannot resuscitate the lifeless body. The child tried to escape the clutches of death, but was too far gone. It only takes ONE reckless driver to wreak havoc on a community. Students that are between 14 and 18 years of age should not have to worry about their safety while crossing the street making it imperative that all students park on campus.

Cold weather is brutal and especially hazardous when there is ice blanketing the streets. Students struggle to get into school safely without getting frostbite on their extremities in addition to the stress of crossing the busy street in dangerous conditions. Some people have to walk three or four blocks to even reach school campus, therefore highly increasing their probability of being involved in an
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