Dangers Of Shoplifting

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The dangers and penalties of shoplifting by jeremiah gomez Shoplifting is a big problem for small business. A item worth less than $50 can get you a $500 fine. If you already have a record it can even cost more. Most people will take a $5 item and will have to pay $500 to the business so they get nothing out of it but a shady record.If the item you take is over $50 you could go to jail. A clean record will also help you in later life like getting a job or going to college. In some colleges you have to have a clean record same with jobs. So just because you took a $2 bag of chips you can't get a good college or job. And you still have to pay the fine. And when you shoplift you're not just hurting your record your hurting the economy. The…show more content…
Stealing can get you very bad places and its somthing thats just not worth it. No matter what you do some people still do it. its impossible to keep everyone in the world to steal but we still can try to. most people have said the they have stolen at least 5 things befor but they have stopped just because they knew it was wrong or got caught doing it. page 4 Shoplifting can affect everyone not just people you know. For the people who do not shoplift they have the problem of always being suspected. Because of shoplifting, some stores do not allow minors to enter without an adult. Many stores will ask you if you are going to pay for that? It becomes annoying for people who have done nothing wrong. When you are shopping They will ask you to leave if you are taking too long when you are actually just browsing. Shoplifters affect the Store Owner a lot. The number one reason for small or new businesses to close is shoplifting. 10% of people enter a store and shoplift. It is very hard to run a store when 10% of your store is stolen from

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