Dangers Of Texting While Driving

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Each year, drivers who use cell phones cause 1.6 million car accidents and nearly 330,000 injuries. Considering that cell phones are one of the greatest items to happen, it makes things easier to accomplish without having to do much effort, communicating with anyone around the world, but there should be a limit when it could endanger other people’s lives. It is not only the phones that drivers are distracted by, it is also foods, drinks, conversing, and listening to loud music. Someone can lose their life all because of a simple act such as texting and taking a selfie while driving. There are numerous cases that involve a person getting hurt or worse, killed, because there was a driver being distracted. Clearly, the government and lawmakers need to create stronger laws to eliminate all distractions that cause deadly car accidents which mainly involve teenagers. “People texting worries me more than people calling people because texting is more dangerous than talking on the phone because you can pay more attention to the road when talking than texting... a ninth- tenth grade boy stated, when you are on the phone you are not aware on what is going on” (Madden and Lenhart 2-3). Places that banned hand held phones are still having trouble enforcing the law because other individuals try to hide their phones and still be on them while driving. “18 states and the District of Columbia have passed the laws banning texting while driving” (Hanes 5). The National Transportation
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