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You see them everywhere, a person who is on their phone while walking. To anyone, they may seem harmless, but by using their technology while walking, they put themselves and others on the road in harm 's way. Texting while walking has become a serious problem. Consequently, people all over the world are becoming injured or even dying just because they can 't look up from their phones while walking. Some people think the solution to this problem is to make it illegal to text and walk, and others believe there are different ways to solve this problem than to make a law. Either way, all people want is to make the streets safer for everyone and to limit the injuries on the road. Texting while walking should become illegal because thousands of…show more content…
According to the Achieve 3000 Article: A Call for Safety, “Despite the risks, some texter’s are undeterred. Giancarlo Yerkes, a busy 30-year-old advertising employee in Chicago with a predilection for texting while walking, said that the doctors ' warnings probably won 't stop him from trying to maximize his time by sending messages as he walks.”. This quote explains that many texter’s do know the risks of texting while walking, and yet they will continue to do it unless it becomes a law. From the article Would You Ban Texting and Walking, “As Taylor points out, laws have the power to change people’s behavior. In fact, many of her classmates admitted that unless a law was passed, they probably wouldn 't put their phones away when walking around town.”. Although others believe that texting while walking shouldn 't become illegal because there are other ways to solve the problem, many other ways have already been tested and proven ineffective. That 's why texting while walking should become a law. In conclusion, texting while walking has become a serious problem and there should be a law put in place to solve it. Texting while walking should become illegal because thousands of people are dying and becoming injured because of this, they are endangering others on the road, and many people won 't stop until a law is enforced. There are too many problems that come

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