Water Pollution Disadvantages

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The Dangers of Water Pollution

Water pollution is when water is contaminated by garbage or other types of waste. Pollution can greatly affect humans and animals. Water pollution has one of the most damning effects on the environment because it harms wildlife, can ruin businesses and can be hazardous and possibly even lead to death.

One reason water pollution is so deadly is that it can greatly harm wildlife. For instance, Mason Sherri states “Some experts think that drinking even small amounts of these substances over many years may have harmful effects." This means even drinking little amounts of contaminated water can lead to bodily harm. Since animals usually drink lots of water, this contaminated water could lead to serious health
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Sherri agrees to state, “Birds, fish, and other aquatic (water-dwelling) species swallow these pieces, possibly mistaking them for food. Once consumed, the plastic pieces collected in an animal’s gastrointestinal tract, interfering with its ability to eat and drink and thus leading to starvation, dehydration, and possibly death.” This means water contaminated with trash could lead to more sea creatures dying from it. This contamination, if it got extremely bad, could wipe out some marine species which could mess up the food chain which could lead to the death of other marine life. Sherri also states,”the decay process requires oxygen, the additional decay uses up more of the oxygen in the water. Less oxygen remains available for living things.” This means decay of some marine life bodies uses oxygen which causes there to be less air in the water. This means if species are dying from this trash it leaves less air in the ocean making it even harder for sea creatures to survive. Since we are being so careless, it could potentially greatly damage the ocean and marine life as we know…show more content…
Farmers could use polluted water to help increase meat production and save money. They could think this because if they contaminate the water enough, the animals will die fairly quickly which could save them money and increase meat production. They would save money because they don 't have to keep the water clean or send as many of them to slaughterhouses. To illustrate, Sherri argues, “...that can cause illness or death in people and other living things. These impurities must be removed before the water can be used safely for drinking, cooking, washing, or laundering.Some industries must clean polluted water before using it in manufacturing processes." This means polluted water makes things less safe to use and consume.This means the water could contaminate the meat which could position humans. She also says “Water polluted with human and animal wastes can spread many diseases, including typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery. " This statement means that polluted water can spread a varying number of diseases. If the meat can cause diseases, this could potentially increase a risk of death and illness for the consumers.The meat production claim is invalid because if they did pollute the animals water it could increase a disease, poison, and death risk in the consumers which could lead to legal action from the former consumers or their

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