Against Zoo Animals Essay

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Within a zoo, thrilled and curious, children are screaming and laughing around at the sight of exotic or just fantastic live animals, while those captive animals display lukewarm expressions and do nothing but stroll back and forth or just doze off. They are seen so tepid that some kids even find a bird plucking out its own feathers and an elephant head-bobbing. Admittedly, visiting zoos, human beings, especially children, can have the opportunity to get closer to wild creatures, which presumably equips them with the knowledge about animals and sympathy. Some people in favor of zoos may also claim zoos as good places to protect some endangered animals but they ignore the fact that zoos are not the only places to achieve it- there are lots of…show more content…
In China, there are little specific or direct rules to regulate the law of Zoo Animal Welfare, a fact facilitating the establishment of more and more utilitarian zoos. On the one hand, the practice of prioritizing commercial profits over animal welfare gives rise to increasing zoo animals performance, inefficient zoo management and the maltreatment of zoo animals, all of which poses risks to the safety of zoo animals. One staggering example is the death of eleven tigers in Shenyang Forest Wild Zoo. These tigers died of starving, reflecting the poor living conditions. Furthermore, visitors' reckless behavior of throwing improper food or other substances can be a safety hazard for zoo animals. On the other hand, many zoo-owners are mean with money spent on the scientific design of zoos' construction, resulting in a lack of adequate protection for visitors. Even if the design of the zoos' construction has greatly improved, zoos are still dangerous for human beings for some unpredictable factors. Presumably, you still remember the case that a male visitor died from being attacked by a tiger in Ning Bo on 29 January 2017 due to his intention of sneaking across the area which the tiger inhabited in order to steal a ride. Chances are that danger lies in recklessness and unpredictability. With safety hazards for animals and visitors, zoos only for educational purposes should be phased
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