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Danica Patrick is a female NASCAR driver, model and advertising spokeswomen . She is a driver of the number 10 Godaddy.com Cheverlet. In 2005, Patrick became the first woman to hold the lead during the Indianapolis 500. On April 20, 2008, Patrick won the Indy Japan 300 at Twin Ring Montegi in Montegi, Japan. Her winning that makes her the first female winner in IndyCar racing history. Patrick won the time trials at the 2013 Daytona 500, becoming the first woman to win the pole position at the famous NASCAR event. She has a lot of sponsors because she is a good driver, but to name a few Nature’s bakery, Chevrolet, and Godaddy.com. Danica salary is $12 million U.S dollars.

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I believe that the NBA popularity will continue to grow because basketball and football are the most talked about sports. According to FIBA, it is estimated that at least 450 million people play basketball. Football is America 's ' favorite sport to watch; 37% of Americans mention football. While as many as 1,900 players will play in the tournaments this year, over 26 million Americans play basketball (according to the SGMA’s U.S. Trends in Team Sports research). 15.5 million people play casual/pick-up basketball. 4.1 million play in organized leagues. 5.8 million play on a school or college team. More people play basketball in the U.S. than any sport. https://www.sfia.org/press/433_Over-26-Million-Americans-Play-Basketball
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Like to know like where it is, how much it cost, who play who, and what channel it would be on. Also the score and like what’s going on in the game. Then if they didn’t know about anything then people wouldn’t be that interesting in NBA. If the little people actually can afford it and can watch it then they would have low ratings. They wouldn’t make much money from them and wouldn’t be known without social

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