Danica Patrick Stereotypes

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Danica Patrick is one of the top 5 most searched athletes on Yahoo

Danica Patrick is one of the most recognised athletes in the world. Her good looks seems to be the reason that she has managed to become a top search phrase on Yahoo. Despite finishing 24th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Patrick continues to make a ton of money. As one NASCAR analyst remarked, she continues to land sponsorships and she can drive the car. Being the only female driver in NASCAR 's top series, she has managed to be a marketing powerhouse signing sponsorships for all 36 of her races. This is a rarity in the world of NASCAR where drivers generally struggle to find sponsorships.
Patrick 's long- standing relationship with GoDaddy recently ended, but that is nothing to worry about for as she continues to secure lucrative deals.
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Most recently, in May 2014, she was included in the list of the top 5 most overrated athletes by CBS New York.
Danica Patrick has played the media card very well. Her appearances in a number of music videos have been notable. The most memorable one was probably the Jay Z music video "Show me what you got" where she drove a Pagani Zonda

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