Daniel Barwick The So Called Iced Cream Analysis

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In the “So Called Iced Cream” by Daniel Barwick and How Not to Get Into College: The Preoccupation with Preparation” by Alfie Kohn people believe extrinsic rewards will bring happiness and reduced stress into their lives, yet they ultimately end up filled with regret, and grief for everything they have sacrificed in the process of reaching their goal. Firstly, in “Enjoying the so called ‘Iced- Cream’” Monty Burns is depressed with his life despite having all the riches money can buy; similarly, in Kohn’s essay, students sacrifice their happiness and well-being in the process of gaining admission into top-tier universities. For instance, the narrator writes, “How could it be that Mr. Bums is unhappy? He has his own Xanadu, a nuclear power
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