Daniel Beaty Spoken Words Essay

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Spoken word poetry, no matter the length, short or long, the words are brought together to tell a story. A story of someone's personal experience or something in society that needs to be heard. Spoken word poetry is an effective way to communicate because you can see the emotion and the body language of the performer. The Spoken Word piece “Knock Knock” by Daniel Beaty is an example of this emotion and story telling style. Beaty tells about his story and how his dad was put in jail and the racism and stereotypes that he faced. In “Knock Knock” Beaty is trying to emphasize the effects on families that they face through racism, stereotypes that others create, and that us as children do not have to grow up to be our parents; that we can create our own path. The words that Beaty uses in his performance brings to light the racism and the strength that one can find when facing difficult times. Beauty opens…show more content…
Get out of the poverty, change racism in others eyes. In the real world today, we face in jails the racism of a black man. Black men are the ones suppose to be in jail, so when a white man does something it is not broadcasts across the nation, as if it were a black man that committed the crime, the nation knows within the hour. Poverty lives in the cities around, maybe even in the classmates next to you. Poverty is a worldwide issue and with the country being as expensive as is and some not being able to get the best of what is offered, some are forced into the low end of the totem pole. An everyday struggle, that is what poverty is in our country. The performance relates to the real world in ways that say, children, I know it was not easy and it possibly could still not be, but you have the chance to change your path. Without saying that in the
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