Daniel Boone: An American Hero

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Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone was one of Americas heroes, he was a brave frontiersman. Daniel Boone was born in November 2, 1734. Sadly he died September 26,1820. He died due to natural causes in his house at the Femme Osage Creek in Missouri. Daniel Boone lived a good life and will always be remembered as one of Americas bravest frontiersman. Daniel Boone was part of many wars. One of the well known frontiersman. He was in the French and Indian war that took place in 1755. Boone served as a wagoner for general Edward Braddock. He was with them in their defeat at turtle creek. Daniel Boone got married in 1756 with his beautiful wife named Rebecca Bryan. They had 10 children together witch they loved to death. He said all he needed in life was"a good gun,a good horse,and a good wife".
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It was a hunting trip along the Big Sandy River in Kentucky and worked its way westward all the way to Floyd County. He was a really good skilled survivor.
In April 1775 while Boone was working for Richard Henderson's Transylvania company he directed colonist to an area close to Kentucky they named. They set up a claim for the Indians . That year he also brought his family there for a new home. Boone helped a lot by people due to who he was. If Daniel Boone wasn't here who knew how the history of Kentucky would be like without Daniel Boone. Boone was close to getting caught by the Shawnees but he escaped. Since everything Boone has spent his life out till the day he died. He was a very well known person because of the adventures and stuff he's done being one of Americas greatest
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