Daniel Boone Short Story

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Long ago lived the greatest hunter named Daniel Boone. Why, he could hunt down the most ferocious and brutal animals. He was talented in both archery and lasso. Everything went his way except his physical trait. He was a midget, short and lightweight. Even though he was physically small he had a strong heart. He instantly got people’s attention by using his talent in a positive way. For example, whenever a predator appeared in the village Daniel Boone will always be the one to scare them off. Whenever people gathered either it was around the fireplace or at the dinner table people would always mention the name Daniel Boone. The biggest thing he ever did was to save Kentucky. This story tells exactly how he did it. During this time of the tale Kentucky was in fear due to a…show more content…
The sun became dark and the wind blew stronger then ever. Daniel was the first to warn the villagers. Then the two finally met Daniel and Ali. Ali was 100 times bigger then Daniel however Daniel was confident that he can beat the giant bull. Ali charged towards Daniel. Daniel avoided Ali’s attack and instantly grabbed onto Ali’s leg and pulled him towards the other direction. Villagers appeared with ropes and started to root the bull. The bull instantly set loose and the villagers immediately fled away. Daniel hopped onto Ali’s back threw punches to Ali’s horn. Ali kept swinging Daniel left and right to get him off his back, but it didn't work. Ali rubbed his back on the ground. This created a giant gorge. This gorge is named Red River Gorge and it still exists today. The two fought for days and days and finally Daniel had the upper hand due to his stamina he earned from his tight training schedule. He chucked the giant bull miles and miles away from the village. Ali ended up in a mountain named Sugarloaf Mountain. They say it used to be a normal mountain however after Ali got stuck in the mountain it had turned into a volcano due to Ali’s raging hot
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