Daniel Burnham's The Devil In The White City

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The Devil In The White City had many plot lines that took place in Chicago around 1893 at the World's Fair. The first plot line focuses mainly on Daniel Burnham constructing the World's Fair with his partner John Root. It tells a story of struggle for the men, how they had such a hard time constructing the large Farris wheel, to having to open unfinished, then having trouble getting attendance up. Then the struggle is over for the two guys for a short amount of time. Not long after they gather up just enough money to pay off their debts, the Fair had to shut down, as the mayor of Chicago had been assassinated, honestly a more positive reputation for Chicago. As the story of Daniel Burnham continues, another story unfolds of the arrival of …show more content…

He begins to work harder on the World's Fair. Burnham urges all the architects to work together to build a structure to match the Eiffel Tower, a Ferris wheel. As they begin to build, the buildings around them begin to be damaged by rain and snow. One architect suggests to paint over the damaged buildings white, getting the name "The White City." They don’t just want one good attraction, they planned to have many things visitors had not experienced before. They were all very surprised. But with every great accomplishment it starts with struggle, they lose money at first but after the Ferris wheel is completed they begin to profit. Just before the end of the World's Fair Patrick Prendergast shot and killed the mayor, ending the World's Fair. As the World's Fair ends, people begin to catch on to Holmes games. He soon flees Chicago, moving from place to place. He then gets caught and arrested in Philadelphia for insurance fraud, from burning down his hotel in Chicago for insurance claims. He also gets convicted for the killing of Benjamin Pitezal, after a investigator from a far city follows his paths uncovering all of his

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