Daniel Capozello Research Paper

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A man who worked at his family’s company his whole life , has a pretty interesting story to tell about when he got drafted in 1933 . His name is Daniel Capozello. Before he entered the military he had 4 years of a high school education (High school Diploma). First he had to go through a 12 week basic training camp (boot camp). He was put into the 20th Armored division. Their was around 50 men in his platoon His platoon leader was Frank Martinelli. He started out by going to a two year mechanic school while he was taking the class in North Carolina. He was moved to “ Indiana County Draft-North Carolina-Tennessee-Boston Miles Standish -Lahar,,France- Belgium-Germany- Austria -NY-California- and back in Reading, Pa” But soon after…show more content…
Depending on what they were doing he could have 1 day to a week off. Also, unlike now they don’t have women and children on the military bases , so there were no nurses on base either . “The nearest place they had nurses was a hospital one mile away from the base” Not until late in the war did they start having women even in the military in the U.S. . They were called W.A.C.S but even then they just drove around the men who were in the military . Dannys job on base was fixing tanks and service battery cars. Danny was to tanks as a white blood cell is to a Incision/wound. When he was not fixing cars he was writing home to his family at home and his brother John who was in the navy but he sadly passed away in 2000. Followed by his sister Mary in 2011 (90). During the Bombing of Hiroshima, Danny was in New York and when he heard about it he thought “Wow the war is finally
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