Daniel Gilbert Does Fatherhood Make You Happy Summary

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Daniel Gilbert’s essay, “Does Fatherhood Make You Happy?”, published in Time magazine in June of 2006 is a personal look into the truth of being a parent. Gilbert does so by stating at the beginning of the essay that studies have shown that when parents are interacting with their children, it’s about as enjoyable as doing housework. He then goes on to say that of course children make their parents happy and they jump at the chance to talk about or show them off. Gilbert asks the audience if that’s true, “why is our personal experience at odds with the scientific data?” He then explains his reasons, first of being, parents sacrifice a lot for something rewarding. Secondly, even if it was a terrible day with their children, they could do something totally heartwarming and all would be forgotten. Gilbert states, “Memories are dominated by their most powerful-and not their most typical-instances.” Lastly, children take top priority over everything. Overall, Gilbert is saying that children do not increase parent’s happiness on a daily basis, but they love them regardless, and most of the time, without reward. I agree with Gilbert that parents do not get the appreciation they deserve. “When you have one joy it’s bound to be the greatest.” This quote from Gilbert’s essay is one that had a personal…show more content…
For them, it is all worth it. As Gilbert says, children do not always make us happy, but we love them unconditionally. His essay was trying to get across that yes, children are not always the greatest things in the world. Sometimes they are main cause of the distress. That may have taken some aback, but I think that was the best part. I had personal connection with the essay because, my mother and I have a really close relationship ever since my brothers were born. Single parents do an exceptional job and the idea of your world revolving around your children is extremely accurate in my
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