Daniel Goleman's Model Of Emotional Intelligence

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This study is anchored on Daniel Goleman’s mix model of Emotional Intelligence. EQ is the ability of the person to distinguish, evaluate, assess and control one’s own emotions, others emotion, and of the groups. Thus the person has his positive way to manage stressors, able to express his thoughts and action in a right manner, ability to empathize with other feelings, and can successfully dealt with the challenges and confusion of one’s life (Carter, K., Seifert, C., 2013). Emotional intelligence determines how the individuals emotionally competence based on the four domains in terms of personal and social competencies that results in outstanding performance in school and at work setting. Personal competence focuses on individuals how to…show more content…
Another one is Self-management, the ability of the person to control his impulsive feelings and behaviors, and can easily adapt to changes and circumstances. People with high self-management have the characteristic of being honest and optimistic. Next domain of emotional intelligence is Social awareness, where in this is the ability of the person to empathize and understand other person’s feelings, needs, and concerns. He can also easily get along with other people, and recognize the power dynamics in a group or organization. And lastly, the Relationship management is the ability of one’s person to develop and maintain good relationships with others, can communicate clearly, inspire and influence others, work well in a team, and can manage conflict (Goleman, D., et.al.,…show more content…
Erickson emphasizes the interaction between individual and society, which the environment you grew up and live would be one of the factors that people differ on the levels of emotional intelligence. In fact, in Erick Erickson Psychosocial theory the individual develops the personal competency of emotional intelligence or sense of self is between 12-18 years old. Moreover, at the age 19-40 is where individual struggling to develop their social competency which they will develop the capacity to share and care with others. Therefore, the individual should undergo in all the stages to have positive growth; psychologically and emotionally (Lemme, B., 2006).
Similarly, in Gardner’s multiple intelligence includes interpersonal (self-understanding) and intrapersonal (social relation) is one of his intelligences, that everyone distinctly has different kind of intelligence. That a non- IQ related abilities are also important in determining one’s success (Papalia, et. al.
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