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The Rise of Daniel Hale Williams
Daniel Hale Williams III was an extraordinary African American surgeon. Dr. Williams, the son of a barber, was a free African American born during the 1800s to Daniel Hale Williams II and Sarah Williams. Dr. Williams’ family was heavily impacted by the ongoing history at the time. Furthermore, Dr. Williams’ ancestors were slaves. Daniel’s ancestors on both sides were a mixture of European, Native American, and African American. Daniel’s family was barely able to cope with the circumstances of the time. In fact, after the death of Daniel Hale Williams II, the head of the house, the family was forced to be divided. Williams' mother realized she could not manage the entire family after the death of her husband. Therefore, she sent some of the children to live with relatives. Daniel Williams was born during an era that did not allow African Americans to excel. In addition, being separated from his family at a young age was a great disadvantage to such brilliant individual. As a result,
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Hence, “Daniel Williams was born on January 18, 1856, in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania” to a large, extended family (Biography.com). His father, Daniel Williams II was an advocate for African Americans rights. In fact, he worked with the Equal Rights League, a civil rights organization for blacks. In addition, Daniel's father inherited a barber shop from his father. The barber shop was the main income for Daniel’s large family. The book Daniel Hale Williams: Negro Surgeon explores all aspects of Daniel’s life. For instance, he and his seven siblings lived off the barber shop (Buckler 5). Although, financial issues were present in the Williams’ household, Daniel’s father ensured his children went to school. Most importantly the book sheds light on Daniel’s father constant reminder of the importance of education,“we colored people must cultivate the mind”
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