Daniel Halpern Analysis

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Daniel Halpern Poems are not only words, they are further more than that. Poems are a way for the poet to express their feelings, thoughts, ideas, and point of views. Poets can create poems that are fiction and made up or poems that give real-life situation, but,it will always have a purpose or a life lesson. Every poet has their own way of writing and way of building an idea in a reader 's mind. This essay will analyze a well known poet named Daniel Halpern. It will teach the reader more about the poet, It will analyze 3 of his poems called, Scars, The Storm, and Careless Perfection. Lastly, we will recognize Daniel’s accomplishments and awards. To begin with, get to learn about Daniel Halpern. Daniel Halpern was born September 11,1945 in Syracuse, New York. He is the founder and long-time editor of Antaeus and he’s president and publisher of Ecco Press (Daniel Halpern, 2017). He also teaches Graduate writing program of Columbia University, The new school for social research and the Princeton University. According to the website Poets.org, he is currently living in New York and Princeton, New Jersey with his wife, Jeanne Wilmot and his daughter Lily (Poet Daniel Halpern). On the other hand, lets talk about a poem called scars written by Daniel Halpern. In the poem, the author uses really strong words with strong meanings. In the poem, it states, “They become part of the map marking the pain we’ve had to endure.” This poem expresses the poet’s way of feeling, he talks
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