Daniel Holtzclaw Case Essay

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Daniel Holtzclaw is an ex-Oklahoma City officer who is convicted of rape along with other several charges after he brutally abused many African American women over the course of six months. Daniel Holtzclaw was sentenced to 263 years in prison for the charges filed against him. Holtzclaw was convicted for 18 of 36 counts which included first-degree rape. Holtzclaw’s adamant lawyers tried to start a new trial by stating that there was not enough evidence but it was a lost cause although they did not want to accept it. There were several of Holtzclaw’s victims who obstinately spoke out about their abuse done by Holtzclaw himself. There was more than enough evidence to successfully put Holtzclaw aways for his crimes yet there were several dogmatic people who still had the audacity to say that he was innocent. Daniel Holtzclaw used his badge and the power he had coming from being a cop and used it to hurt innocent people when his job is meant for protection. Holtzclaw chose his victims from Oklahoma City’s poorest neighborhoods making sure that they had criminal records so in a case…show more content…
Holtzclaw’s unwavering attorneys tried many strategies and excuses to try to prove his innocence but it was useless in every case. His attorneys obdurately continued to fight for Daniel Holtzclaw in any way they could even when the victims themselves continuously told their stories at the sentencing. Holtzclaw’s unyielding attorneys should have given up due to all the evidence found yet they continued to represent him even when the chances were little to nothing. Holtzclaw’s sister also continues to fight for his innocence by running a blog that claims to tell his side of the story. All of Holtzclaw’s willful attorneys no matter how good they were at their job were not enough because the evidence and the truth overpowered them and won in the
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