Daniel Holzclaw's Rape Cases

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Daniel Holzclaw, 29, a City Police Officer was Found Convicted of 36 Sexual Assaults. He has been Sentenced Up to 263 Years Imprisonment. Oklahoma found its City Police Officer guilty on 18 sexual assaults. 29 years old Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted on rape cases. He was given the sentence of 263 years imprisonment. It was found that while on duty, Holtzclaw tried to seduce 13 black women. He did not only hurt those black women, in fact, he had been found guilty on assaulting a teenage girl and a grandmother, too. When the court charged him with the life sentence, he started to wail like widows. As Holtzclaw reached 29, his life took another turn. He would spend his reaming life in jail. While on patrol, the cop preyed many women.

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