Daniel Ivankovich Research Paper

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CNN nominee Daniel Ivankovich is a man who is willing to step out and help his community by reaching out to those in need. Daniel is an orthopedic surgeon who wants to “heal Chicago’s mean streets one patient at a time”. Dr. Ivankovich’s main focus is to help the community in a different way than just helping the one’s who need medical care as he has witnessed terrible things in his community for 20 years. Dr. Ivankovich says it is not only the crime rates that make the living issues tough, but also the medical side of things. Dr. Daniel Ivankovich wants to reach out to the people who cannot seek medical attention since they do not have money to pay for it. He thinks it is unfair for someone’s health to continuously worsen, only because they are not insured. When Ivankovich became aware of this issue, he opened his own clinic and promised to help people whether or not they were able to pay for it. Dr. Ivankovich has performed over 600 surgeries and helped more than 100,000 people during his career as a surgeon. He “knows he can’t fix everybody” he said, “but my goal is to be the battering ram to help break down the barriers to get these patients the care and the resources they need" (Ivankovich).…show more content…
Ivankovich sees more victims of crime. He opened his clinic on an intersection of two roads and he witnessed a gunshot and had to leave to help the victim of the shooting. Dr. Ivankovich says he “witnessed four murders just on that intersection” his clinic was located on. It breaks his heart to hear the stories about the people being turned away from multiple physicians just because they do not have insurance. Dr. Ivankovich’s main focus is to provide medical care to people with or without insurance. Seeing people being turned down from different doctors upsets him because one small problem can turn to a life-threatening situation without the correct medical
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