Daniel Pelk Serious Case Review

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This Assignment will focus on a critical review on a serious case review. It will focus on Daniel Pelka a four year old who was murdered by his mother and her partner in 2012. The assignment will demonstrate an understanding of the impact of abuse on children and young people but also look at critically examining and analysing the roles of different professionals within the process of safeguarding children and young people.
Definitions will be given firstly of terminology that this assignment will use to help understand the subject matter.
A serious case review is a review after the death of a child to see what went wrong and things such as neglect, maltreatment and malnutrition. Serious case review like Daniel Pelka’s also
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Child abuse is anything that a child or an adult does that causes significant harm to a child. This can be sexual, emotional, physical and neglect which is also a type of abuse. (NSPCC,…show more content…
This could be things such as punching, strangling, beating, use of weapons, and using force. (loveisrespect.org) Daniel Pelka was physically abused when he was ‘’held under the water in a bath until unconscious and regularly beaten.’’ (BBC 2013)
Poor four year old had suffered a significant amount of injuries and bruising all over the body starting from forehead, shoulder, elbows and knees.
Emotional abuse covers things such as ongoing emotional maltreatment and emotional neglect of a child, such as threats, intimidation, and isolation. (NSPCC 2016) Daniel was isolated a lot of the time if he was not at school he was locked away in his room in which he was expected to stay in the room even when he passed motion or urinated he was not allowed out to use the toilet.
Neglect is not meeting the individual’s basic needs such as food, shelter, educational needs, love ect. (NSPCC 2016)
Daniel was neglected physically because he was not provided with the basic things such as food, and he was not supervised to provide for his safety instead he was locked away.
Daniel was emotionally neglected as his food was not provided so he was ignored, and isolated in his room away from
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