Daniel Plainview: The Character Analysis Of Daniel Plainview

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Introduction Hard work and money over health were keywords in the start of the 19th century. The demand for oil were big and the competition on the market were even bigger. If people had the hope to succeed they had to be clever and be faster than their competitors. A stereotype of this kind of person is Daniel Plainview. Daniel Plainview is an older man who works in the oil industry. Daniel does also have a son called H.W, however he isn’t the biological father. H.W.’s real dad died while working for Daniel and since then, Daniel have taken care of him. When people ask him what happened to his “wife” he just say he don’t want to talk about it, or he just ignores it. Mr. Plainview whose life only is about money does not care about his health, or others health if the work they do can give him more money, if he did find oil while H.W. were a little boy, he would sit him on the ground, no matter if he cried. This scene plays out in the start of this movie. Another example of this are in the start of the movie, where we see Daniel mining for silver deposits. He accomplish to find silver in a mine, but he had to make an explosion in the mine, to give him the possibility to mine more. However, after turning on the explosives he were supposed to drag up his bag pack, which at that moment still were in the mine. He wasn’t strong enough so he could not drag it up. Desperate after money, Daniel climbs down a ladder after the explosion to try to find his silver deposit. He fumbles
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