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In the beginning of Daniel Tosh’s life, he was born on May 29, 1975 in Boppard, Germany. He then later moved to Titusville, Florida. According to the website, Famous Birthdays, Daniel Tosh has on brother and two sisters. Since 2009, he has dated a famous model from the show Deal or No Deal. The website About Entertainment houses a biography of Daniel Tosh as well as many other comedians. After graduating from the University of Central Florida, Tosh had his first career-building stand up comedy act in 1998. This performance was held at the Just for Laughs Montreal Festival and it was very successful. Later on in Tosh’s stand up comedy career, he appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. Other television shows that he has been invited…show more content…
Currently, Tosh is the host of a popular show called Tosh.0. This show can be compared to the earlier well-liked show called America’s Funniest Home Videos. However, Tosh.0 can be described as an adult rated show. Some people that turn on the television and find that Tosh.0 is on would probably call his show offensive. Though their opinions are that it is offensive, most of his audience finds the show and the jokes humorous. Some people possibly think of Daniel Tosh as a type of sadist. However, most people that know of Tosh do not know that there are some restrictions on his jokes written on Tosh.0. In an interview with Daniel Tosh that was published in Time Magazine, he explains how his parents feel about the jokes he delivers on television. When he was asked about how his parents felt about the jokes on the show, he states “my mother calls me immediately after the East Coast feed to let me know which jokes she needs me to walk her through” (1). He does this so that both parents can prepare themselves for the reviews and opinions about the next show. Each parent has a restriction for Daniel Tosh. His mother does not like any references to anything pornography and sex related and his dad does not like the references related to
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