Daniel Weintraub's The Battle Against Fast Food

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Daniel Weintraub is the author of an article named, “ The Battle against fast food begins in the home.” In the article , he argues that the blame for children’s obese problem should go to the parents. The parents are the only ones in position to solve the problem. Giving blame to others for something you’re not responsible for is not right. One argument that Weintraub gives is that it is the fault of the parents who allow their kids to eat all the junk food they want. Letting them sit down all day and watching t.v is not very good either. The parents have to take responsibility and show their children how to eat healthy and get the right amount of exercise. In the article, Weintraub shows data that says 26 percent of schoolchildren are obese. Boys more obese than girls. Not that it is really relevant, minorities more than whites.The Center for Public Health Advocacy blamed the problem on the large portions sizes in restaurants, allowing junk food on school’s campus, and the lack of physical education in schools. Other authors who are …show more content…

“Fast food is fast”, as Weintraub quoted in his article. That’s true. You can get it in less than five minutes. Kids at school want something fast before they go back to class. Same at home. A quick snack. I understand too that when parents come home after a long day, they are in no mood to cook. So they go to the next best option. Just order the food from a restaurant. Quick and easy. You can eat, relax, and not worry about cleaning the dishes. No one likes to do the dishes after a messy meal. Fast food could sound like the best thing. But look at what it is doing to your health. To your children’s health. Parents should at least try to make an effort to cook for their family. Weintraub explains in his article that his house is not a fast food free zone. No house is. But he said he at least tries to make food for his family everyday. That’s what parents should

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